Sarah Charity Sudgen ( nee Dingle) is the daughter of Andy Sudgen and Debbie Dingle. She has appeared since 2005. When Debbie discovers her pregnancy, she conceals it and plans to abandon the child at the hospital once she had given birth. However, she has the baby in a shed assisted by Daz Eden- Sarah’s uncle- and names the child after Andy’s adoptive mother Sarah Sudgen and her own mother Charity. Debbie decides that, at 15 years old, she cannot cope with being a mother and gives Sarah to her foster mother Emily Kirk, who leaves the village with her. Eventually Emily returns Sarah after curate Ethan Blake convinces her and Andy should be allowed custody of Sarah. Debbie agrees to allow Andy custody and Sarah lives at Butler’s Farm. Andy remained suspicious of Emily, and in July 2007, he is furious when he finds out that she has applied for a job at Sarah’s pre-school. Emily leaves the village that year. In October 2007, Lisa Dingle tries to get Debbie to take responsibility for Sarah after Debbie and Sarah spend the afternoon together. However, Debbie refuses and says she would be happy to allow Jo to adopt her. However, Debbie cannot bring herself to sign them. In early 2008, Andy is sent to prison and in his absence, Debbie starts bonding with Sarah. After his release, he finds out that Jo has allowed Debbie access to Sarah, and hits Jo. This begins months of abuse by Andy, sending Jo to hospital on two occasions. Sarah senses the problems, and is banned from nursery after biting another child. Eventually Andy moves out, leaving Sarah with Jo but she misses Andy and he is allowed to see her. When Andy reformed, Jo discovers that he is sabotaging farm equipment so she would ask him to visit. Jo decides to leave the village and does so, on 22nd December 2008. Reluctantly she leaves with Sarah with the Dingle’s, asking her to keep away from Andy. Debbie is, by the time, a lot closer to his daughter, but refuses to take custody, because- unknown to the Dingle’s- she is worried about being arrested for her part in the murder of PC Shane Doyle. In January 2009, Debbie is imprisoned awaiting trial of Shane’s murder. In February, Andy is allowed to have Sarah for the night, following the funeral of his adoptive father Jack Sudgen. However, the following day, Andy rings the police to report Cain Dingle’s return, and Cain is caught entering the UK, so the Dingle’s refuse to allow Andy to see Sarah. However, after talking to Diane, the Dingle’s allow Andy to take Sarah home. In June, after a bitter custody battle. Debbie was awarded custody of Sarah for Sarah after Andy withdrew his application.